Frequently Asked Questions

Reminders & Notifications

Q: Will TrayMinder remind me to switch to a new aligner?

Yes, you will get a notification with sound to switch to your new aligner. You can also choose the time of the day to be reminded. Go to Settings and turn on the "Remind Me to Switch Aligners."

Q: Can I add a doctor's appointment and set a reminder for it?

Yes, on the Calendar tab, select the day and tap the "+" on the lower right hand corner and select "Ortho Appointment."

Q: Can I add a note to a day (e.g. to document any special circumstances)?

Yes, on the Calendar tab, select the day and tap the "+" on the lower right hand corner and select "Notes."

Q: Why am I not getting any sounds with the notification?

Please make sure the phone is not on mute or in Do Not Disturb mode.

Q: What if I miss the notification to put my aligners back in?

TrayMinder will send you four notifications to replace your aligners: once when it's time, and then 5, 15, and 30 minutes later.

Timer & Stats

Q: I forgot to "start" or "pause" the timer. Can I edit it?

Yes, on the Calendar tab, tap on the day you want to adjust, select the "+" on the upper right hand corner and select  “Time." From there, you can manually enter the time you took off and put on your aligners.

Q: Does the timer drain my battery when running in the background?

TrayMinder only uses the "on" and "off" time to compute the total wear time. It's not a constantly running timer and doesn't use any power when running in the background.

Q: Will TrayMinder remind me to put my aligner back in after meals and snacks?

Yes, press the pause button on the timer every time you remove your aligners and select the number of minutes you want TrayMinder to notify you to put your aligners back on.

Q: Is there a way to see how much time, e.g. for eating, I have left in each day?

Yes, under the timer, you'll see "Out 00:00" which will tell you how long your aligners have been out for the day.

Q: Can I view my average daily wear stats?

Yes, go to the My Stats tab. From there, you can share your stats via text, email, or other apps. You can also see the total number of hours you have worn each aligner.

Q: Why is it not showing the per aligner wear time for some aligners?

Please make sure that you've specified which day you started each aligner. On the Calendar tab, click on the day you switched aligners, select the "+" on the lower right hand corner and select "Aligner Switch." Please note that any data entered prior to the current treatment will not be taken into consideration when computing the per aligner wear time.

Q: What do the colors mean on the calendar? How many hours do I have to wear my aligners to get a green?

By default, Green = 20 hours/day or more of wear time, Yellow = 18 hours/day or more of wear time, Red = fewer than 18 hrs/day of wear time. You can also adjust these by choosing "Set Daily Goal" in the Settings menu.

Q: What happens when there is a time change due to daylight saving?

TrayMinder works with daylight saving time changes. Your daily goal will also be adjusted automatically on the day when daylight saving time starts/ends to accommodate the longer/shorter day.

Q: Does TrayMinder work if I travel to a different time zone?

Yes, TrayMinder will automatically adjust the time based on the time zone you're currently in.

Q: How do I change the start of the week to Sunday/Monday?

TrayMinder will automatically use the locale setting of your phone to determine the first day of the week. You can also manually change it by selecting "Start Week On" in the Settings menu.

Treatment Changes

Q: I need a refinement/extra aligners. How can I reset the parameters?

Go to the side menu and select "Start a New Treatment" to enter the new parameters.

Q: Will I lose my records & pictures if I start a new treatment?

No, all your records and pictures will remain after starting a new treatment. The Calendar tab will fade out days outside of the current treatment.

Q: Can I adjust the number of days to wear each aligner mid-treatment? What if I skipped an aligner or had to wear an aligner longer than expected?

Go to the side menu and select "Adjust Current Treatment." Tap on the specific aligner to adjust the number of days to wear. You can even skip the aligner if needed.

Teeth Selfies

Q: Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can take?

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can take. You are only limited by the storage capacity of your phone.

Q: Can I import existing teeth selfies into TrayMinder?

In the Teeth Selfie tab, tap the "+" icon on the lower right hand corner and select "Choose from Library." You can label the teeth selfie with the aligner number by selecting the pencil and tapping on the aligner number.

Q: Can I import existing teeth selfies into TrayMinder?

Yes, go to settings and under “Transfer Data,” select “Export Photos.”

Q: Can I horizontally flip my teeth selfie?

Yes, tap the pencil icon at the bottom of the picture and select the mirror image icon on the upper left hand corner.

Q: I didn't align my teeth perfectly when taking a selfie? Can I edit it?

Yes, you can edit the picture after you take it. Tap the pencil icon at the bottom of the picture to edit or the trash icon to delete. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation.

Q: Can I share my teeth selfies?

Yes, you can share your selfie via email or text by tapping the share icon at the bottom of the picture.

Q: Can I compare two different teeth selfies?

Yes, select the comparison icon at the bottom of the picture.

Q: Can I create a video of my teeth selfies to share?

Yes, select the video camera icon at the bottom of the picture.  You can also deselect any photos you want to exclude and select the speed of the video.  

Q: Why is the picture quality so blurry or grainy?

Be sure to take the picture with bright lighting (by a bright window or bright bathroom lighting) to get the best picture quality.  The back phone camera usually produces better quality images than the selfie camera.  Tap the ? icon on the upper right corner to watch the video tutorial.  


Q: Does TrayMinder support Apple Watch?

Yes, the Apple Watch app is available for purchase for a one time fee of $1.99. Tap "Apple Watch Sync" from the side menu.

Q: Why is the data not synced between my iPhone & Apple Watch?

TrayMinder uses iCloud to sync data between iPhone and Apple Watch. Please make sure that you're logged into iCloud and that "iCloud Drive" and "TrayMinder" are enabled in your iCloud settings. You'll also need a small amount of iCloud space (less than 1 MB) for the synchronization to work.

Q: How do I keep all my records and photos if I'm switching to a new phone?

Use the "Backup to Cloud" function to automatically or manually backup your data, then restore the data to your new phone using the same account.

Q: Can I remove the ads?

Yes, go to the side menu and tap on "Remove Ads."

Q: Does TrayMinder support Android Wear?

Not yet, but we're working on adding Android Wear in the near future, so stay tuned!

Q: Does TrayMinder support Siri integration?

Yes, for iphones, go to settings to “Add to Siri.”

Q: Does TrayMinder support widgets?

Yes, you can use widgets to quickly turn on and off the timer

Q: I lost my phone.  How do I restore all the data?

If you have previously enabled “Backup to Cloud” in the settings menu, you can “Restore from Cloud” on your new phone.  

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