The Story of

Dr. Melissa Bailey
Co-Founder of TrayMinder
Board Certified Orthodontist

I originally came up with the idea of creating a clear aligner tracker app when I was looking for an app with a timer feature to help my orthodontic patients who use Invisalign® to track their average daily wear time. When I couldn’t find a suitable app that I would personally recommend, I quickly jotted the idea down in my notebook. Over the next few weeks, I brainstormed for ideas on how I could create a simple, yet intuitive app that would improve my patient’s overall experience and success with their orthodontic treatment.

Over Thanksgiving dinner in 2016, I pitched the idea to Mars, my friend and Google engineer. We decided to work on it during our “free time,” in between our demanding jobs, parenting responsibilities, and other life changes. Over the course of 2017, we tackled the TrayMinder project on week nights after our children went to sleep and carved out weekend time to dedicate to the project. We even scheduled “playdates” at each other’s homes and worked on the project while our spouses watched the kids.

Focusing on user feedback and striving for continuous improvement has enabled Trayminder to experience explosive growth and maintain its position as a market leader in technology and innovation. Since its launch in 2017, TrayMinder has been translated into 14 languages and has over 100,000 average monthly users worldwide. My love of teaching has burgeoned into a series of educational videos for clear aligner users on the TrayMinder YouTube channel. The channel has over 900,000 views on a variety of topics related to clear aligner therapy.

Looking forward, Mars and I hope to be able to bring the power and convenience of TrayMinder to many more users in the years to come.

TrayMinder’s co-founder, Dr. Melissa Bailey, is honored to be on the Forbes List of 1000 inspiring entrepreneurs.

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